Maintenance Tips

Twists (Kinky, Natural Curl, O Curl Hair)
  • Twists can get wet, but it’s recommended to wait a few weeks to wash to allow twists time to set in hair.
    • To keep scalp clean use an astringent (i.e. witch hazel) on a cotton round/square or q-tip
    • When you do wash, be very gentle (recommended: IY Detangling Sulfate-free Shampoo & IY Tea Tree Conditioner or IY Moisturizing Lotion as a leave-in conditioner)
  • To spruce up hair and maintain curly ends, rub a quarter size amount of IY Moisturizing Hair Lotion throughout hair and spray with water. (recommended every 2 -3 days)
  • Lightly oil scalp and hair as needed
  • Wrap hair at night with satin (not cotton) scarf to preserve style

Taking Twists Out
Do not wait until night b/4 next appt. to take twist out (it will take 4-5 hours)

  • Wash hair with twist still in (some should slide out as you shampoo)
  • Use IY Conditioner to aid in taking the rest out, keep hair wet (will make it easier to take unravel)
  • Finger or Comb through each piece of your own hair after removing a twist
  • Re- wash hair again after combing through your hair thoroughly (deep conditioning recommended)
  • To prepare hair extensions for reuse, untwist each piece of hair (adding extra IY Conditioner or Moisturizing Lotion will aid in unraveling), hold both ends and rinse hair extensions, then lay flat to dry completely b/4 storing

Maintenance Tips for IY Hair using Latch Hook Technique

Natural Curl, O Curl, Kinky
  • Before starting latch hook technique, split 1 piece of hair extension into 3-4 smaller pieces.
  • After latchook is complete, trim and shape hair to desired style and use IY Moist. Lotion & water to form curls.
  • After style is complete, do not comb or pick hair, finger through hair to prevent tangling (especially in the back where hair is more prone to tangle)
  • Spray hair with water and leave-in conditioner every 2-3 days (It’s Yours Moisturizing Lotion recommended; lightly oil as needed)
  • Use an astringent to clean scalp, shampoo gently after 3-4 wks (IY Detangling Shampoo & Tea Tree Conditioner recommended)
  • Be sure to wrap hair with a satin scarf or bonnet before bed.

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