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It's Yours (IY) was founded in Chicago in 2001, from Shawne Morgan's love of styling natural hair. As Shawne began her career as an attorney in New York, she was often seeking natural looking styles that could be worn in professional and diverse settings. Like many women, Shawne was seeking convenience and versatility with natural hairstyles, which led her to study and train with well-known braiders and locticians.

These experiences led Shawne down the path of selling premium human hair. Like so many, she wanted quality human hair in textures that looked closest to her own. After years of selling human hair to salons and individuals around the world, Shawne's husband, encouraged her to create her own line of hair products that would protect her clients' natural hair, while also maintaining and extending the life of human hair extensions.


In 2018, Shawne decided to focus exclusively on IY Healthy Hair products, primarily after hearing from many women and young girls with questions about maintaining their own natural hair.  A pivotal moment for Shawne was during the 2016 Olympics, watching Gabby Douglas, at the height of her career, being criticized online about her hair.  Even after all that she accomplished, the personal criticism seemed to deflate her. Shawne realized from all her trainings, consultations and 'therapy' sessions with women - there is a direct correlation between love of self and one's love and/or acceptance of our hair.  Shawne recognized the importance of girls learning early how to love and care for their own hair, and how that builds a healthy self-image that carries into womanhood.


This is where Shawne and IY finds itself today - providing healthy hair care products for the whole family to care and maintain their tresses. From her signature IY Leave-in Conditioner that works as a detangler, infused with coconut and sweet almond oils to IY Edge Control with castor oil & aloe vera to strengthen edges while providing maximum hold - there is something for everyone.  IY prides itself in offering healthier ingredients that can be used by the entire family and producing great results. However you rock it...It's Yours!

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